3pcs Novelty DIY Plastic Dough Press Dumpling Makers Moulds in Different Sizes (White)

3pcs Novelty DIY Plastic Dough Press Dumpling Makers Moulds in Different Sizes (White)

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The item is a set of 3pcs different-sized dumpling makers moulds, which are mainly made of durable food-grade non-toxic hard plastic for safe to use, and help to emboss the dumpling shape in minutes. The dumpling mould is a great helper for you to DIY make delicious dumplings, pierogies, empanadas, ravioli and much more easily and quickly at home. With easy to use and clean, it is really a wonderful dough press dumpling moulds makers for choice.


- 3 pieces of the plastic dumpling makers in different sizes in one set will be sold together.
- Color: mainly white.
- Material: durable non-toxic, odorless and food-grade hard plastic.
- 3 different sizes (inner diameter): Size L (8cm); Size M (6cm); Size S (5cm).
- 100% brand new and high quality DIY Plastic Dough Press Dumpling Empanada Makers Moulds.
- As long as you possess them, you can make delicious dumplings easily and quickly at home.
- Great for DIY making pierogies, empanadas, ravioli, dumplings and much more!
- Smart design can cut dumpling wrappers into round & automatically form dumpling perfect shape & indent patterns.
- Easy to use and clean, without wasting dough.
- Really a good and convenient tool for those who love eating dumplings but have no much time to make.

How to Use

- Roll out your pastry dough.
- Lay the dumpling maker on the dough with the cutting edge down.
- Press down to make a perfect circle. Turn the dumpling maker over.
- Place the circle of dough in the dumpling maker. Add filling and fold in half.
- Open and remove a perfect dumpling, cook any way you choose.